Questions about Internet

  • Why is there a previsit?

    Shortly after our account manager has visited you, you will be called by our planning expert who will make an appointment for the previsit.
    During this previsit, our technician will come to your premises to check that everything is running smoothly on the day of installation.

  • What happens on the day of installation?

    Shortly after the previsit, you will be called to make an appointment for installation.
    On the day that our technician comes to install the equipment, all the devices will be installed.

    These will then be connected to your internet.

    The number transfer will also take place on the installation day.
    From now on, you can make calls with your Telsmart devices.

  • Did you choose Telsmart internet?

    After the technical previsit, our partner EDP/Proximus will come and activate the internet line.
    Then we can install the internet on this line.

  • A meeting is scheduled with your alarm company. What does this mean?

    If you have an alarm, your alarm company may need to make adjustments.
    This will be determined during the technical previsit that our technician performs before the installation.

  • Where can you find your Wi-Fi data?

    On the day of the installation the technicians will give you your Wi-Fi details (Wi-Fi code and password).
    These can also be checked with our support staff by creating a support ticket through our website –>

  • You are relocating. What now?

    Contact us in time! The request for a relocation should be made preferably 12 weeks and at least 6 weeks in advance. This period allows us to plan a technical intervention if necessary.

    Preparing your relocation:

    – When you send us the request to relocate, it is useful to already answer the following questions:
    – What is the new address?
    – Do you have a moving date yet?
    – Do you already have the key to the new location?
    – Is there internet at the new address? If so, from which provider?
    – Does Telsmart internet need to be installed at the new address?
    – Is there an alarm at the new address?
    – Are you going to unplug the devices yourself at the current address and take them to the new location, or would you rather have our technician take care of the removal of the devices?

  • What if your Wi-Fi connection is not working?

    Unplug your modem, access point, switch and/or Powerlines from the electrical outlet. Plug them back in again in this order.

    It can take up to 2 minutes until your modem boots up. Does a green light in the front continue to flash? Then it is receiving a software update. Certainly do not pull the plug in that case!
    Do you have an Access Point, (Wi-Fi) Powerline or switch? Reconnect it after the modem has fully booted up.

    If the wireless internet still does not work, please contact our technical service. –>

  • How do you log in to My Telsmart?

    On the day of the installation, our technician will give you your login details to log in to My Telsmart.
    The username and password are default. You will have to log in with the standard login and afterwards you can create a new username and password. Store them well!

    This link shows you how you can save passwords on Google Chrome:

  • What do the indicator lights on your modem mean?

    Is one of the lights not lit? Usually this is due to an improperly connected cable. Therefore, first check the cables of your modem.
    Please note that some lights take a few minutes to come on.
    Below you will find the explanation for each led light.

    Power DSL:
    • Permanent light: the modem is synchronised with the signal of your line.
    • Flashing light: DSL synchronisation in progress. This can also happen after a reboot of the modem. If it continues flashing, the synchronisation is interrupted and you should contact us.

    • This light is not in use.

    Fixed Line/Fon:

    • Light on: you have VoIP. This gives you the possibility to connect a classic / analogue telephone to your modem.
    • Flashing light: a classic / analogue telephone connected to the modem is in communication.
    • Dimmed light: you do not have VoIP.


    • Permanently on when the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted

    The light is green when:
    • a software update is happening
    • the AVM wireless stick is being configured
    • a DECT wireless telephone is registered with the FRITZ!Box
    The light is red when:
    • There is info in the modem to view. Then it is best to contact us.