You are relocating. What now?

Contact us in time! The request for a relocation should be made preferably 12 weeks and at least 6 weeks in advance. This period allows us to plan a technical intervention if necessary.

Preparing your relocation:

– When you send us the request to relocate, it is useful to already answer the following questions:
– What is the new address?
– Do you have a moving date yet?
– Do you already have the key to the new location?
– Is there internet at the new address? If so, from which provider?
– Does Telsmart internet need to be installed at the new address?
– Is there an alarm at the new address?
– Are you going to unplug the devices yourself at the current address and take them to the new location, or would you rather have our technician take care of the removal of the devices?

Any Questions? Send us a mail!

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