What do the indicator lights on your modem mean?

Is one of the lights not lit? Usually this is due to an improperly connected cable. Therefore, first check the cables of your modem.
Please note that some lights take a few minutes to come on.
Below you will find the explanation for each led light.

Power DSL:
• Permanent light: the modem is synchronised with the signal of your line.
• Flashing light: DSL synchronisation in progress. This can also happen after a reboot of the modem. If it continues flashing, the synchronisation is interrupted and you should contact us.

• This light is not in use.

Fixed Line/Fon:

• Light on: you have VoIP. This gives you the possibility to connect a classic / analogue telephone to your modem.
• Flashing light: a classic / analogue telephone connected to the modem is in communication.
• Dimmed light: you do not have VoIP.


• Permanently on when the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted

The light is green when:
• a software update is happening
• the AVM wireless stick is being configured
• a DECT wireless telephone is registered with the FRITZ!Box
The light is red when:
• There is info in the modem to view. Then it is best to contact us.

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