What to do if your portable device stops working?

Does your wireless device not work anymore, do you see ‘no sip reg’ on the display or did you dial a number but you can’t get a connection?

Follow these steps to solve your problem:

1.Remove the batteries and put them back in your wireless device.
2.Check that the charger plug is properly inserted into the outlet.

3.Place your device in the charger and turn it on. Is your device not responding? Plug the charger into a different outlet and check that your device’s batteries are sufficiently charged.

4.Reboot your base station. After a few minutes, the light should be green.
Test your device near the modem.

If you still have problems after carrying out the checks, contact our technical service. –> https://stag.telsmart.eu/contact
Be sure to check out our instructional videos as well! –> https://stag.telsmart.eu/support/smart-telefonie/videos/

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